Attributed by Maggie Fitzgerald @MKMFITZGERALD CNBC 5/29/2019

The bond market recession signal freaking the markets out could be a false positive

How often do we get a chance to revisit “Refinancing” of a mortgage when rates have been at historical lows for several years now? When Interest Rate predictions for 2019 were in the low to mid 5% range (…/), I cautioned people not to make any decisions on this information as it was mostly being fueled by political and trade uncertainties, both of which economist are horrible at translating into realistic economic forecasting.

Now that the 10 year treasury has made a significant re-tracement towards 2.00% the inverted curve hysteria syndrome has returned to the forefront of news. The recent turn of events with China looking at other means with which to endure the current Trump tariffs could take the 10 year treasure back below 2% and with that a tremendous opportunity for Home Owners to revisit their current Mortgage Rate or, consider taking a 2 nd mortgage to consolidate other higher interest loan payments. Is your money working hard enough for you right now? Lets talk!

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