Renter’s Advocate & Agent Representation

Renters Receive:

  • Freshly listed property, often before they are posted by Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and other less efficient bulletin boards
  • Representation by a Seasoned Negotiator
  • Complete and Compelling Renters Package

As our Client, you never pay a broker fee for our Renters Agent Advocate and Agent Representation Services.

You are also provided the following conveniences:

  • Customized notification of available property via our Home Find App at your finer tips
  • Access to Locked Property (Senior Communities as well) with-in a 24 hour notice, often times same day
  • Pre-Approval Qualification Tools and Resources

This is the strongest Rental Market Demand we have ever seen. Don’t let your Rental Application get passed over. We will get your foot in the door to the home of your choice by moving your Application to the top of the pile of other poorly represented Applicants. Our experienced negotiators will prepare your Renter’s Package, speak directly to the Listing Agent and/or Landlord on your behalf Presenting your Best Qualifications as the perfect tenant. Often times it is not what’s on your Application to Rent but how the application is communicated. In fact, the more difficult your situation is, the greater the need for our representation becomes.

                                               Professional Representation makes a difference!

 Request your application HERE!, Schedule a Viewing or to speak with an agent call 949-324-2232!